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Our Way

- Learning through Play

Learning through play is a child’s innate way of exploring the world around them. It provides opportunities for children to pose questions and seek answers through inquiring and playing. Play is a developmental and culturally centred approach, It provides learning opportunities that are multi-sensory, interactive, creative and imaginative. Through play, children are not only learning about the activity or working towards an outcome, they are engaging with each other, negotiating, establishing friendships as well as finding wonderment in the world around them.

Our Learning Through Play Approach develops into inquiry as they progress throughout the school.  

Inquiry Learning takes students’ thinking to another level and problem solving.  Our focus is to develop this within meaningful and relevant learning contexts that require them to solve real world problems.

  • Learning through Play is a developmental and culturally centred approach to a child’s learning
  • Learning through Play promotes agentic learning and allows equity of access to the New Zealand curriculum for all learners, regardless of their culture, gender, or ability
  • Classroom teachers support, scaffold and gift new knowledge using intentional teaching methods, while honoring the knowledge and skills students bring to their play
  • Learning through Play provides opportunities for learners to engage in processes of curiosity and inquiry, and as such cannot be segregated into isolated subject areas.