Te Kowhai School - To Be Our Very Best

Our Vision


Our vision was developed after extensive consultation with all stakeholders; staff, students, board of trustees, parents, business sector and the wider community in order to ensure the vision considered the views of all.  This vision has been in place for 6 years now and we are currently reviewing it in light of recent surveys and feedback.

At Te Kowhai School we recognise that the world is undergoing rapid social, economic and technological change and we need to prepare and equip our TK learners (including adults) to be adaptable to meet these changes with confidence.

Our focus is on how best to prepare our children to thrive in life. For our children to be able to thrive in a world where technology and change are the norm; where many of the jobs in the future currently don’t exist.  We want them to be digitally and culturally competent.

We want to prepare our learners for their future, and it is our view of the future that drives current actions.


We want our TK learners to be empowered & at the centre of their learning.

We have developed a visual representation of our school current vision & values to help ensure that it is shared and understood by our community.

Through having our school vision & values represented in a visual way, we are helping to ensure that it is a living and breathing component of our school curriculum.


Go to Vision & Values Explained  for a more detailed overview of our Vision and values.