Te Kowhai School - To Be Our Very Best

Learning Communities

We have 6 Learning Communities across the school that cater to our Year 0-8 students.  Each year, as our new entrant roll grows, we open an additional class called ‘Te Kakano’.  

We are fortunate to also have a Music room and Art room on site as well where we run specialist classes for our students when teachers are on Classroom Release Time (CRT).  This takes place once a fortnight for two blocks.

Our learning spaces are designed to allow students to access an appropriate place to learn at any time.  These purposeful spaces are set up with a function in mind, similar to how your own home is set up.  I.e. soft furnishings can be used to read a book, similar to how you may use a couch at home.  Whether they need to work with a teacher in a group, somewhere quiet by their self or collaboratively with others, our rooms cater to these varied needs. 

From 2021 we will be getting some exciting renovations done to many of our Learning Communities.  This is in line with the Ministry’s goal of ensuring all schools have quality learning environments and will modernise our teaching and learning environments even more.

“The majority of New Zealand’s school buildings were built between 1950 and the 70s. Since then, teaching practice and student learning needs have changed significantly. New technologies and building materials allow for new, vibrant and well connected learning spaces. All students deserve to be taught in these new modern learning environments, and benefit from new teaching methods. The Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) was introduced in 2010.”  

 Source: Ministry of Education