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Online Safety at home


For a majority of our school, online learning is a current reality.  We have been really impressed with how engaged our students have been so far.  We are also aware however, that with the increase of use, there is an increase of online safety issues that may arise.  This could be in the form of unnecessary or unwanted communication with others, spam, pop-ups and the potential of any inappropriate content.


Visit the Parent Toolkit website for some excellent tips and advice for our parents / caregivers.

In brief:

  • Tell your children that digital citizenship rules apply at home as well as at school; 

  • do not share personal information 

  • be kind to others (your digital footprint can be viewed)

  • if something inappropriate or unwanted comes up on the device, tell an adult at home

  • Establish a routine and limited timeframe for device use.  Where possible negotiate and agree on this with your child.

  • When your child is working on any learning tasks, set these up at a table, desk or bench in a central area. This is about supervision and good posture.

  • When your child is connecting with others socially (which is important during the lockdown), discuss and agree on the age-appropriate apps that they can use.  Supervision is required here.  As we do at school, a good tip is - ‘backs away from the wall’ so you can glance at their screen every now and again.

  • Encourage your child to share what they have been up to online (both in terms of learning and socially). 

  • Have a discussion around loading games or apps.  These can sometimes invite unwanted and inappropriate ads and pop-ups etc.  We advise supervision here (might also save you money if the app has hidden costs). Click the link for blocking spam tips from Carmen (our IT Consultant).



When using Google Meet or Zoom with teachers:

  • Use the chat tool sensibly - this is our classroom, treat the online space the same as you would the classroom

  • One person to speak at a time

  • Mute your Mics when someone else is talking (having muted mics (and no faces showing) will help the bandwidth).

Click the link for the Parent Toolkit from Netsafe for more details.